Course Desscription

Objective: Participants after completion should be able to develop web apps based on SPA with john papa best practices and able to even migrate angular 1.x project to angular 2.0 version.

Quick overview on adv. JavaScript

  • Angular JS 1.5 features
  • Comparing jQuery, Backbone JS and Angular JS

John papa best practices for angular js

  • What is MVC and MVVM
The Basics of AngularJS
  • What is Dependency injection and Minification safe code
  • Understanding scope
  • Debugging AngularJS
  • Working with Batarang tool, Javascript Error Notifier, Angular Inspector
  • Expressions in Angular JS
  • Data Binding (one way and two way binding)
  • Directives
  • Built-In Directives (ng-repeat , ng-bind, ng-submit, ng-click, ng-src………)
  • Custom directives
  • Templates in angular js
  • Isolated scope with directives
  • Filters (query, sorting etc.)
  • Writing custom filter
  • Directives and Filters
  • Working with controllers / Scope inheritance
  • Events - $broadcast, $emit, $on
  • Working with Factory
Services in angular js
  • Modules and Module dependency
  • Dynamically loading modules
  • Internationalization
working with angular routing
View Based routing
State based routing
  • Understanding Promise API & $q service
  • Working with $http
  • $resource with REST
  • REST with Angular JS (CRUD) using $http
  • Caching to improve performance ($CacheFactory)
  • Working with Providers
  • Working with Interceptors
  • Decorator in angular
  • Creating app (bootstrap)
  • MVC Case study with REST
  • Angular Animation
  • Angular Charts
Security (Authentication, XSRF, Sanitization)
  • Node JS and NPM
installing Bower, Grunt, Karma, Yeuman
Optimizing Angular Apps
Unit Testing with Jasmine
  • Karma-jasmine automated Unit testing (karma-conf.js)
  • Node with Angular JS
  • Continues Integration with Bomboo

Angular 2.0

  • Differences from Angular 1.x
  • how to migrate from 1.x to 2.x.