Course Desscription

Selenium is an automation tool which helps the software developers to automate their scripts and run them to identify the bugs. This is an open source tool which can be directly downloaded and can be used at any point of time. Major companies to reduce cost of different licensed automation tools they are now shifting towards selenium

Software developers with Java and scripting knowledge can shift to learn selenium tool and this user-friendly tool will help you to execute your work easily

Selenium tool is integrated with multiple components which can support satisfy all your testing needs

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium Web driver
  • Selenium Grid

This course agenda will include:

  • Introduction to selenium IDE
  • Different types of options we have
  • What is integrated development environment
  • How to build test scripts
  • Downloading the tool and installing it with Firefox and chrome browsers
  • Difference between chrome and Firefox browsers
  • Running and recording the test scripts
  • Recording feature in IDE
  • Exporting and reusable scripts
  • Different types of browsers and platforms that support selenium
  • Introduction to selenium Web driver
  • Connecting to selenium server
  • Standalone and remote drivers
  • Introduction to core Java
  • Introduction to Java script
  • Introduction and installing eclipse
  • Introduction to selenium grid
  • Installation and configuration of selenium grid
  • Common errors and trouble shooting
  • Customization of grid
  • Realtime environment case studies
  • Interview questions during the session
  • Extended support for OPT, H1b and other visa holders to getting placed
  • Remote job assistance even after joining the organization