Course Desscription

ServieNow is an ITSM tool which is completely cloud based platform offering on premises, platform, infrastructure and software as a service. ServiceNow is simply referred as a ticketing tool with multi instance architecture and user-friendly instance provided with both administration and development modules.

This platform is completely loaded with reports, workflows, IT service desk, which also have an personal developer instance (PDI)


  • What is ServiceNow?
  • Its key features and benefits
  • ServiceNow applications and modules
  • Roles, Users and Groups
  • Overview of each modules (list and form view)
  • Overview of how different ITSM modules are related in ServiceNow
  • Core Configuration
  • Configure Navigation, Search and UI Options
  • Manage Lists, Filters, and Forms
  • Use the ServiceNow Mobile Platform
  • Activate Plugins
  • User Administration
  • Configure User Accounts
  • Add Groups and Assign Users to Groups
  • Assign Roles
  • Manage Data with tables and CMDB
  • Learn How to Manage Data with Tables
  • Work with Import Sets
  • Create and Apply Update Sets
  • Process Application
  • Core Application Administration
  • Service Administration
  • Creating and Modifying Reports
  • Creating and Applying SLAs
  • Server-side scripting {Business rules, script includes}
  • UI actions
  • Access Controls
  • Different types of policies and scripting