Course Desscription

Tableau is a BI tool and data visualization tool which helps to design your reports. This is user friendly tool is used to generate the reports without any code.

Anyone with knowledge of excel can learn tableau to export the reports easily and MSBI would be an added advantage.

This course agenda will include:

  • Introduction to Tableau tool
  • Data Visualization concepts
  • Principles of Visualizations
  • Data connection and data source concepts
  • Various types of data tabs
  • Multiple options what we have in the tableau tool
  • How to generate reports
  • What are the technical capabilities required to learn tableau
  • How to map the data
  • Data techniques available in tool
  • How to customize and calculate data
  • Creating tables and working with tables and calculations
  • Different types of expressions like Fixed, Include and Exclude
  • Working with time-based data
  • Creating dashboards
  • How to use visual representation options
  • Shaping the data in right way
  • Realtime environment case studies
  • Interview questions during the session
  • Extended support for OPT, H1b and other visa holders to getting placed
  • Remote job assistance even after joining the organization